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How to avoid computer-use eye strain

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In this age of technology, a lot of people spend the day in front of a computer screen.  This applies to me as well.  Whether I am writing a blog post, creating website content, or doing research, I end up spending a lot of time looking at the screen. Over time, this can have a […] Read more »

How to set a System Restore point

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The procedure for setting a System Restore point is definitely something with which you should be familiar.  It may come in very handy some day. What is System Restore? Interestingly, when you use the System Restore feature built into Windows, it does not actually restore your whole system.  What it does is this: it […] Read more »

How to protect your Paypal account

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Like a lot of people that do business online, I use Paypal every day for both sending and receiving money.  It’s really the easiest way to conduct business.  To receive payments from clients who wish to pay by credit card, I don’t need to have a merchant account – the money just goes directly to […] Read more »

How to create a keyboard shortcut

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I am a big fan of shortcuts, particularly when it comes to using the computer.  If I can accomplish the same task and do it with 2 clicks instead of 5, why not?  Might as well save the time and effort. A good friend of mine does things a little differently.  If there is […] Read more »

Happy Memorial Day


Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service.  In the midst of our day off from work, our barbecues and picnics, let’s take a moment and honor the memory of the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we […] Read more »

PC Lockdown: How to keep your computer and data secure

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My newest guide to computer security is now available for free download. It is called PC Lockdown: How to Keep Your Computer and Data Secure. 30 pages with full color illustrations. Covers lots of areas, including: Antivirus Antispyware Facebook (big section on that) Craigslist Email Setting […] Read more »

The best way to back up your data automatically

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Now that we are starting a new year, a lot of people are making new year resolutions.  If you are thinking about what you want to accomplish in 2011, let me offer a suggestion – get an automated backup system set up on your computer.  You do know that your hard drive will crash, right? […] Read more »

How important is it to have a backup?


Had an incident happen this week that gives me a good excuse to talk about one of my favorite subjects: setting up an automated backup procedure. (Sorry if this week’s post ends on a somewhat self-promotional note, but I don’t care – I know that many of you reading this are procrastinators and haven’t […] Read more »

Don’t trust your surge protector!


Here in Florida, we are pretty much past the summer rainy season. During that time, just about every afternoon there is a thunderstorm passing through. With it comes lightning, and the potential destruction of computer equipment. When that happens, all of the computers in our house get unplugged from the wall (after […] Read more »

Get hassled!


“I decided to quit procrastinating. Starting tomorrow.” You know there are some things you have to do, you just avoid getting started. Or you forget about them and then remember at a time when you can’t get started. Of course, once the job is started, it’s usually not that big a deal and I […] Read more »