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How to watch Hulu from outside the US

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Today’s tip is directed to my blog readers and podcast listeners who are outside the US.  I don’t want you guys to feel left out!  As you know, in many non-US locations it is difficult to access certain websites and view some pretty popular online content.  One of those sites that is often blocked is […] Read more »

48 audio/video programs all in one download – free!

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Audio and video files can be confusing.  There are all different kinds of file formats, different software to play the files, and the variety of error messages that can come up when a video or song doesn’t play as it’s supposed to.  A while back I found a set of tools that will do a […] Read more »

Making a video into a playable DVD


Last week we went over how to download YouTube videos to your computer. It’s really pretty simple.
What if you want to take those videos and burn them to a DVD, so that you can play them on any DVD player? That’s easy, with DVD Flick.
First step is to go to and download […] Read more »

Computer discs: CD-R or CD-RW?


I recently was asked, “What kind of disc should I use – CD-R or CD-RW?”
For that question, there is a simple answer and a more complex answer.

The simple answer: Just use CD-R. If it gets messed up during the process, toss it and make another one.
For some people, that’s good enough. If you […] Read more »

Recovering pictures from a damaged memory card


You (and virtually everyone else that uses a computer) know that if your hard drive crashes, there is a good possibility of not being able to access the data on that drive afterward. That’s why you need a backup.
There’s another place where important data might be stored: your digital camera. What would you […] Read more »

5 fun things you can do with Picasa


If you have not used Picasa yet, you are really missing out on a fantastic, free program for organizing and editing your digital photographs. You actually had to buy it originally (that was a few years ago), then Google bought the company and made it free. If you ARE already using it, you […] Read more »

By far, the easiest way to create a playable DVD


Here’s the problem: you have some movies on your computer that you have downloaded from the internet. You can watch them on your computer, but you want to be able to watch them on your big screen television. Let’s face it; if you want to watch The Bucket List, Jack Nicholson’s screen presence is […] Read more »

Remove your flash drive – SAFELY


I remember when USB flash drives first came out – I thought “what a gimmick – who would use that?”. How wrong I was! Now just about everyone has one, because they are one of the easiest ways to carry computer files with you. And like everything else related to computers, they are getting better […] Read more »

Windows Media Player in Firefox


The general trend in web-based video is to have the video play in a Flash player (you probably already have Flash installed so that it plays in your web browser). Flash is just a programming language. If you can see the video I have posted below, you are viewing it in Flash.
However, some sites display […] Read more »

Make a music CD from MP3 files


A lot of people have a big collection of MP3 (music) files on their computer. Many people have hundreds of these files that have been downloaded through iTunes or elsewhere – you might even have thousands of them. These files can be played on your computer, or on your iPod or other MP3 device. But […] Read more »