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The safest way to never lose your important vacation pictures

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Summer is almost here, time to do some traveling! When you’re on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, and taking hundreds (or thousands) of pictures, one of the worst things that could happen is for you to lose those pictures. How could this happen, and how can this be prevented?

Here are a few ways this could happen:

You drop […] Read more »

Rename thousands of pictures in less than 30 seconds

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You may have the most advanced digital camera made, but there is one thing it cannot do automatically: give your photos a meaningful name.  When you take a picture, the camera gives it a file name like “DCH349724” and then every subsequent photo is named in that sequence.   Later, when the pictures are on your […] Read more »

The new Photoshop CS6 – Free download (beta)

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Okay, I will be the first to admit that today’s blog post is probably not going to be of interest to every reader.  My apologies.  You know I try to usually post information about computer security, new ways of doing things, and shortcuts to make using your computer easier and less frustrating.  Today I veer […] Read more »

Find and delete duplicate pictures on your computer

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One of the great things about digital photography is how easy it is to take a picture and then see it almost immediately on your computer.  You can edit it, send it to someone, or post it on a website.  However, it’s also easy to end up with a lot of duplicate photos.

Think about it.  […] Read more »

Featured website: Fotobabble

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Oh sure, you can send digital pictures to your friends and family through email. Kids opening Christmas presents, Grandpa blowing out birthday candles, the family vacation – these are all common subjects of the still photo.  But…what if you could do something different with those pictures?  What if your pictures could…TALK?
That’s the idea behind Fotobabble […] Read more »

Get hundreds of print photos – FREE


With the popularity of digital cameras, there are now lots of businesses that have popped up offering to turn those digital images into print photos. Obviously, they would all like to have your business. When companies compete, you win – which means you can get a bunch of free prints.
Probably the most impressive […] Read more »

Not everyone is a pro at Photoshop


When you read a print publication, virtually every picture you see on the page has been processed in some way by Photoshop. Whether it’s a model that needs a skin blemish removed, or the sky having a few too many clouds, Photoshop comes to the rescue. With this great program in the hands […] Read more »

Don’t attach photos – link to them!


I find it a bit annoying when someone gets back from vacation, and they have lots of cute pictures to show everyone, so they send out an email with dozens of pictures attached to it. So now you have all these high-resolution pictures taking up space in your email, and if you use an […] Read more »

Add speech bubbles to photos


Digital cameras are just about as common as cell phones these days (and in many cases, they are the same thing). My guess is that you have lots of digital pictures on your computer right now (pop quiz – are they backed up?). Probably lots of these pictures are of family and friends. […] Read more »

The world’s first digital camera


Digital cameras these days are small enough that you can just about take one in your wallet. Virtually all cell phones have a camera built in, and some of them can take pretty good pictures. It wasn’t always that way though!
The first digital camera was introduced by Kodak, all the way back in […] Read more »