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How to cancel any social media account

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For some people, the novelty of social media has worn thin.  Facebook is constantly wanting more and more of your personal information, because that’s their biggest selling point to advertisers.  Twitter hashtags are displayed on just about any television show now, and YouTube videos are showing up virtually everywhere.  If you get to the point […] Read more »

Customer service via Twitter

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Here is something you may not be aware of.  Large corporations regularly monitor the prominent social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) as part of their effort to maintain a positive image.  When someone posts a message that includes the company name, someone at the corporate office is notified virtually immediately.
I have read about this […] Read more »

Twitter is growing like crazy


I wrote about Twitter ( several months ago. Twitter is probably the fastest-growing application on the internet today. It is estimated that around 8 million people use Twitter currently.
So what is Twitter exactly? Probably the best one-word definition is microblog. You can post an update to your Twitter account by writing […] Read more »