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How to create a keyboard shortcut

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I am a big fan of shortcuts, particularly when it comes to using the computer.  If I can accomplish the same task and do it with 2 clicks instead of 5, why not?  Might as well save the time and effort.

A good friend of mine does things a little differently.  If there is an opposite […] Read more »

How to disable the Send Error report


Microsoft wants all the information it can get in order to improve its products.  That’s why, whenever a MS program crashes or does something unexpectedly, you get a little window that pops up asking you to click a button to let Microsoft know what just happened.  It’s your option, but you have to choose.

For me, […] Read more »

Find your Windows Product ID


If you ever need to reinstall Windows, you may need to enter the Product ID code as part of the installation. If you don’t have the label, how do you find that set of letters and numbers that are required to get Windows installed?

You can use the free software available here. It will […] Read more »

Sticky keys


Have you ever used Sticky Keys? No, I’m not talking about when you spill soda on the keyboard.
Do this: tap your Shift key 5 times in a row. That’s how you get the option to come up to turn on Sticky Keys. It’s a feature of Windows that not many people know […] Read more »

VistaSwitcher – the upgrade to Alt – Tab


I think one of the very first computer tips I published was the Alt-Tab shortcut.
If you have several windows open on your computer and you are going back and forth between them, you don’t have to click the button at the bottom of your screen every time. Just hold down the Alt key, […] Read more »

Choosing Windows updates


For most people, the safest setting for Windows Updates is to automatically download and install the updates as they come in. You can choose that option by going to Control Panel – Automated Updates or Windows Updates.
The other options are to have the updates download, but not install until you say. Or you […] Read more »

This is Microsoft corporate training?


I have seen some pathetic attempts at motivating a sales team, but this one tops them all. And to think, Microsoft probably spent $20k – $30k to create this video. It almost seems like a spoof. The sad thing is, no matter what kind of spin they put on it, nobody even […] Read more »

Get back the RUN command in Vista


For those of you that are using Microsoft’s newest operating system (Vista), you might notice a small difference when you click the Start button. In Windows XP, you could click Start, then Run. In Vista, the Run command is gone. This command is handy sometimes, so it is nice to have it back.
To bring back […] Read more »