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Computer repair

broken computerComputer repair  is something we do every day, right here in Safety Harbor. Think about it – just about everyone has a computer, and everyone eventually has a problem with it. That’s when you need to have some professional computer repair done.

One of the biggest problems that I hear about is that the computer is running way too slow. How frustrating is it to just sit and wait for the computer to process something? Or maybe you double-click to open a program, and then you just wait and wait for it to actually open. And computers today are supposed to be faster than ever!

There are a variety of reasons that your computer is running slowly. Some of the causes are fairly simple, and some are pretty technical. In any case, a computer repair can definitely speed up your computer.

Some people ask me, “How do you figure out how to do a computer repair?” Well, sometimes it’s not all that easy. In some cases there are multiple different symptoms, and that might actually mean that there is more than one problem happening at the same time.

One of the most difficult types of problems to diagnose is one that does not show up consistently. Have you ever had a problem with your computer over and over, and then when you take it to the computer repair place, it works fine? That is one of the great mysteries of the universe! Usually if I run enough diagnostic tests I can recreate the problem and figure out how to solve it.

There are a couple of things you need to know if you leave your computer with me for a computer repair:

1. You will only be without your computer for a minimal amount of time. I hear stories again and again about people that leave their computer with the “repair” department of one of the “box stores” (I won’t mention any names but let’s just say they call themselves “Geeks” and they claim to be a “Squad” – I think you know who I mean). Those guys will keep your computer for weeks at a time! That is completely unacceptable to me. I can’t imagine having to be without my computer for that long, and I wouldn’t expect you to either.

2. The data that is on your computer is confidential. Believe me, I have seen lots of files, folders and pictures that weren’t originally intended for anyone to view – bank accounts, personal journals, pictures and videos that are, shall we say, “sensitive” in nature, you name it. Frankly, I don’t really care about what you have on your computer and if I happen to see something like that, it stays with me. My job is simply to perform the computer repair, and that is what I do.

Before bringing your computer to me, there are a couple of things that you can do to make my job easier:

First of all, if there are any error messages that come up to indicate what the problem might be, please write down the wording of the error message. That can be a big clue, and it could shorten the time it takes to fix the problem.

Second, if you can, please make sure that you have backed up any data that is important (files, folders, pictures, tax information, or anything else you wouldn’t want to lose). Obviously, I don’t expect to have any problems come up that would lose data, but there is always a chance and I don’t want you to risk losing anything. If you do not know how to back up your data (or what needs to be backed up), that is the first thing we will talk about.

I have been doing computer repair since 1999, and I would love to help you with yours. I guarantee you will be satisfied – if I cannot repair your computer, you don’t pay.

I offer professional computer repair services throughout the Tampa Bay area.