Safety Harbor, Florida computer repair

Safety Harbor, Florida computer repair – it’s what I do.  If your computer is running extremely slowly or has some type of problem, I am ready to help.

Here’s a quick video from a happy customer:

Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson


Contact me when you need Safety Harbor FL computer repair! I can be reached at 727-254-9078, or you can fill out the Contact Form with your information

My policy is:
If I don’t fix it, you don’t pay.

Why do computers stop working properly?

Why do they get slower and slower over time?

Why do they just decide one day to not boot up?

These are questions I get all the time.  It seems like you have the same routine every day – you turn on the computer, do whatever you need to do, and it all works fine for a while.  Then one day you notice that the computer is taking longer to open your email, or an error message starts popping up, or something else.  It’s frustrating!

That’s why I offer Safety Harbor, FL computer repair.  I live in Safety Harbor, and this is where I do all of my computer repair and upgrade work.  I have been repairing computers since 1999.

I have a couple of philosophies that I keep in mind for each client that brings me a computer to work on:

1. You should not lose any data. You might have some important stuff on your computer, such as documents, tax information, pictures of your family, or a music collection.  If you take your computer to a “big box” store repair place such as Geek Squad, there is a high probability that you will lose those files.  It happens every day, and I have talked to a LOT of people that have lost pictures that could not be replaced.

That should never happen.  When you come to me for Safety Harbor, FL computer repair the first question I ask will be about your data.  If you have all the important stuff backed up already, that’s great and we’re good to proceed.  Most people don’t have a recent backup (or any backup), so the first thing I do is make sure your data is safely backed up before I start working on the computer.  Your data is safe.

2. You should not be without your computer for a long time.  Ask anyone who has brought their computer to a Best Buy or other large store for repair.  The computer is often there for weeks.  So you are stuck without your computer, and maybe you need it back as quickly as possible for work or school.  It just doesn’t make sense, and there is no reason they need to keep your computer for such a long time.

When I do Safety Harbor, FL computer repair it is done as quickly as possible.  I know you need your computer back and in good working order soon.  When I know what has to be done, I will tell you when it will be completed so you can pick it up.  Often the work is done in just a day or two, and in some cases I have gotten the computer back in good shape on the same day.  So you don’t need to figure out how you can get by without your computer for weeks at a time.

So, no matter what kind of crazy things your computer is doing right now, get in touch with me and let’s see about getting it working properly again.

For Safety Harbor, FL computer repair, I’m your guy!
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