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Palm Harbor, Florida computer repair

Palm Harbor, Florida computer repair – it’s something that you might need at some point. If you have any kind of problem with your computer, give me a call.

Scott Johnson, Palm Harbor computer repair

I’m the one to call when you need Palm Harbor FL computer repair!

You can get me at 727-254-9078, or just fill out the Contact Form with your contact info

My policy is:
If I don’t fix it, you don’t pay.


Just about everyone has a computer now, and most households have more than one.  Since they have come down so much in price, mom and dad usually each have their own computer, and the kids each have laptops.

Whether your family has one computer or a dozen, one thing is certain: eventually you will have a computer problem, and you will need Palm Harbor FL computer repair.  Some of these problems can include:

  • Your computer seems to be running a lot slower than it did when you first got it -This is a common pattern with just about every computer.  They tend to get slower and slower.  You might not even notice it much for a while, then suddenly you think “Wow, this thing is really slow now!”  There is a good reason for that (usually several reasons).  I know how to fix that.
  • You keep getting these pop-up alerts telling you that you have 600 trojans or threats on your computer -This problem is called “rogue antivirus” or “rogue antispyware”.  They want you to be scared that your computer is infested with a bunch of viruses, so that you buy their software to fix the problem.  However, their software IS the problem.  With my Palm Harbor FL computer repair service, I can fix this so that it never shows up again.
  • Your computer won’t boot up -This could be a big problem, or it could be nothing. Worst case scenario is that your hard drive has crashed (it will eventually – it’s just a matter of time).  If your hard drive died today, do you have your important data backed up?  If not, I can help with that too.
  • The sound has stopped working -This is always a fun problem to diagnose.  I have my own unique way of getting sound back on (seriously, I have never heard of anyone else using this method).  My Palm Harbor FL computer repair procedures can get your sound working again.
  • A particular error message comes up every day but everything seems to be working -Well, you think everything is working.  That might not be the case.  The first thing to do is write down the error message, word for word, next time you see it come up.  The actual wording could be critical in determining what the problem is. In many cases, contacting a Palm Harbor FL computer repair service such as mine means that the error message can just be disabled because it is not significant.  We’ll help you get that sorted out.

Whatever type of problem you might be having with your computer, call me!
Get Palm Harbor FL computer repair quickly by calling 727-254-9078.