hero_Scott’s Managed Service Plan

Scott’s Managed Service Plan

Managed antivirus, antimalware, automated software updates and more

If your computer gets infected, you have two options:

  • Option #1: Virus Removal – For a flat fee of $149, the virus is removed from your computer
  • Option #2: Subscribe to my Managed Service Plan – get the virus removed, and MUCH more

What the Managed Service Plan includes:

 Managed antivirus – software that protects your computer 24/7.

 UNLIMITED virus removals – so you never have to pay again and again for virus removals

 Software updates – this is all done for you in the background so you don’t have to guess whether or not an update pop-up is legitimate.  This covers a large number of programs, including:

software updates

 Hard drive monitoring – your hard drive will be checked to alert if storage space is getting too tight.

 Other software to keep your computer safe – so that when you install something, more uninvited junkware doesn’t sneak in with it.

The MSP does not include hardware repairs or new PC setup, data recovery, personal tutoring, Windows Updates, online/local backup or other services.

Your cost: $25 per month, billed in 6 month or 12 month increments


So if you’re sick and tired of pop-up ads that won’t go away, FAKE antivirus warnings, scam toolbars that fill up your screen, your home page being changed to some junky page with ads and your search engine changed to Conduit, or Ask, or Delta or Trovi or a hundred others, get on board with the MSP and don’t be bothered with that stuff anymore.

To set up the Managed Service Plan, choose one of the options below:


12 month plan:

How many computers?

6 month plan:

How many computers?