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Free antivirus download – AVG 9.0


A few weeks ago I posted my list of recommended software. Two of the ones that you need to have as a priority are an antivirus program and an antispyware program.

AVG 9.0 is a free antivirus download. I have been using and recommending AVG for years, and it continues to perform well without […] Read more »

My current software recommendations


I get asked fairly often about what is the best antivirus program to use, what antispyware program should be used, etc. Today I am going to summarize what my current recommendations are. Keep in mind, these recommendations change from time to time.
Whenever these things do change, I will do another blog […] Read more »

Note to AVG antivirus users


I have received a few emails from people asking about an email they received from AVG. The email says that their AVG antivirus subscription has expired (or is about to expire), and it offers them a chance to purchase another year of updates.
I received this notification myself, even though my AVG was not expired, […] Read more »