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Just got this email


From: Kenneth Tucker (
How are you? I’m Kenneth Tucker, The Computer Analyst of John Holts Associate Minnesota, we need to know if you are capable of repairing computers in large volumes, the organisation distributed few computers to a missionary home in Lefkosa, Cyprus, and there objectives was to hold a free computer training section for […] Read more »

Video Professor is a scam


You have probably seen this guy’s ad on television and in print:
As you can see, he is offering his course(s) to teach you how to use a PC – and it’s free! What could be a better deal than that? Well, it turns out that the Video Professor is a scam.
As with many […] Read more »

My very own Craigslist scammer


I had an interesting experience over the last few weeks. We need to all be aware that there are people out there who want to steal your money and will do so at any given opportunity.
About once a week, I post an ad on Craigslist advertising my computer repair services. It only takes […] Read more »