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How to trace an email


There may be some situations in which you want to trace the origins of an email you received. In most cases, the reason is to track down a spammer in order to report him/her to the proper authorities. Right now I am in the middle of playing along with an amateur scammer who […] Read more »

How to get rid of spam


I received this question from my friend Paul recently:
My Spam Filter subscription for my email address and Outlook Express recently expired. Spam Filters could be a possible topic for your Blog and it would give me your present recommendation for a good spam filter. I would prefer an inexpensive, easy, efficient and […] Read more »

Spamarrest nonsense


Most computer users will agree – we all hate spam. It’s the scourge of the internet. For an individual, it’s an annoyance. For a business, it is an expense. Some businesses have gone to great measures to prevent spam – and some have gone too far. I ran into an […] Read more »