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Top 4 reasons to NOT email a video clip

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One part of internet usage that is booming in popularity is the use of online videos.  It doesn’t matter if the video is funny, information, educational or just plain weird – people love to show video clips to their friends.

This means that a lot of video clips get sent by email.  All it takes is […] Read more »

Making a video into a playable DVD


Last week we went over how to download YouTube videos to your computer. It’s really pretty simple.
What if you want to take those videos and burn them to a DVD, so that you can play them on any DVD player? That’s easy, with DVD Flick.
First step is to go to and download […] Read more »

Downloading YouTube videos to your computer


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YouTube has millions of videos available, and a ton more are being added every day. In addition to the stupid ones (of which there are quite a […] Read more »